« Understanding the issues and confidence are crucial in talent acquisition. »

A strategic vision and the right means are crucial to success. RHR Consulting provides services to executives and their teams that help businesses make a qualitative leap towards managing strategically and enhancing results.

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy

Management Coaching

  • Personal and professional coaching for the president.
  • Coaching of the president in planning and preparing the next generation
  • Coaching of management team members according to their needs

Corporate Strategy

  • Coaching in development of a strategic business plan.
  • Monitoring deployment of the strategic business plan.

Organizational Development

  • Review of administrative and functional organizational chart.
  • Revision of roles and responsibilities.
  • Succession plan for each of the businessís key positions.
  • Coaching in filling vacant positions.


  • Aid in understanding governance.
  • Coaching of the president and the management team in establishing a governance structure that suits the organization:
    • Board of directors or a consultative committee.
    • Management committee.