« Twenty years of expertise serving people with a personal approach. »

RHR will take charge of your employees in transition to meet your company’s specific requirements. An RHR Transition counsellor will help each employee to understand and accept the new situation. In the same vein, the counsellor will be able to gauge the situation accurately and help the employees recognize and highlight their strengths, skills, and know-how and identify their training needs in an aim to find employment.

The counsellor will guide the employees in developing their résumé, which will be their main tool, and in establishing the optimal strategy for distributing it. The counsellor will accompany each employee in rolling out the strategy through a network that they will develop and/or enhance together. This coaching activity will be pursued until the employee is hired, and even after.

In a constantly changing job market, career transition services have come to be as important for companies as are staffing services. RHR Transition frees companies by allowing them to devote their energy to their basic mission knowing that employees in transition have access to the best services available whatever their situation.